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The Chicken House Company is one of the largest suppliers of chicken coops in the UK.

With two distinct ranges, our deluxe range of chicken coops and products and our Express range of fast shipping chicken coops.

The Deluxe range of chicken coops and chicken houses are built in the UK, in our own workshop, using our skilled craftsman. These units are built using high quality redwood which is fully treated, this will give a life of over 10 years for you Chicken coop if maintained correctly. We have been building chicken coops for many years, and most of the designs are based on our experience in poultry keeping, to make life as easy and practical as possible. All our units have heavy duty fittings, 19g mesh, 12mm shiplap cladding, 34mm x 34mm frame on the house areas and 34mm x 45mm frame on the run areas, and a design which will enhance any garden. With most models having many options available as standard you can tailor your product to your individual needs, or if there is a feature or modification you would like then contact us and we can normally add that in. 

NEW Mesh upgrade option, as standard we fit 19g mesh to our deluxe range which is standard for chicken runs, but some customers want 100% peace of mind against foxes and badgers so we now offer a upgrade to 16g mesh, simply select which mesh you would like when ordering on the options list.

Sandringham 12 to 16 hens Save 12%

Sandringham Chicken Coop 8 to 16 hens

6 to 8 weeks
Automatic Pophole Opener

Automatic Pophole Opener

Berkeley 4 to 6 hens Save 13%

Berkeley 4 to 6 hen Coop and Run Combination

6 to 8 weeks
Windsor Poultry House 2 to 6 hens Save 7%

Windsor Poultry House 2 to 6 hens

6 to 8 weeks
Blenheim Poultry House 4 to 8 hens Save 10%
Garden Ark 2 to 6 hens

Garden Ark 2 to 6 hens

8 to 10 weeks
The Balmoral 6 to 18 Hens Chicken Coop or Duck House Save 13%
Nest Box

Nest Box

4 weeks
Sandringham with Run 12 to 16 hens Save 11%
Windsor House and Run 2 to 6 hens Save 9%