Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I receive my Unit once ordered?

We send all our Express Units out via courier for the next working day delivery. However our Deluxe Units are built to order so these can take up to 2-3 weeks delivery.

If I am not in what happens?

If you are not in for your Express Unit, you can arrange with us (on ordering) to leave your items with a neighbour!


If you are unable to do this, our courier will accept a note with instructions on where you would like the goods to be left, the note MUST be signed and dated by the person who ordered the goods and left on the outside of the door for the courier to take the note as proof of delivery.

Deluxe units can be left on your driveway on a pallet.

It is always best to try and be in for your delivery if you can.

How can I prolong the life of my Unit?

We always suggest you treat your unit (Express Range) once you have erected it, this will help with our weather conditions. Good husbandry and regular treatment of all coops we sell (every 6-8 months) will help prolong the life of your units, use a good quality preserver that has water repelling properties. On the express range as the trays are metal they will suffer from corrosion due to the acid in the birds droppings, so as part of your maintenance you may need to clean this up and apply some protective paint such as galvanised paint.