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UK's largest supplier and manufacturer of chicken coops, dog kennels, and accessories
UK's largest supplier and manufacturer of chicken coops, dog kennels, and accessories

Super Sandringham 6 to 12 hens Chicken Coop

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Original price £1,389.00
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Current price £989.00
2 to 3 weeks delivery

Product description

10 Day Express Shipping Option - 

If you need your order urgently we are now offering a service to express manufacture your order and have it built so it leaves us within 10 days, it will then take a couple more days for delivery via a pallet delivery in sections, we can offer the service on a limited basis as this will involve our guys working out of hours. Simply select the option on checkout from above.

The Super Sandringham

Walk In Chicken House and Run, built in our workshop by British Craftsmen. Built on the success of the popular Sandringham house, we have now built the unit into a run that can be walked into and looks great.

Note photos 4 and 5 are there to show you the nest box and back door access, they are of the sandringham house which is the same house built in to the super sandringham.

  • External Dimensions 290cm x 130cm x 180cm approx.  (116" Length (Just over 9ft) x 52" wide (just over 4ft 4") x 72" (approx 6ft)
  • House is 130cm square (Just over 4ft square)
  • Suitable for up to approx 12 hens - (based on minimum welfare standard and adding extensions to the run)
  • Solid construction.
  • Treble nest box - This can be fitted to either side of the coop when you assemble it.
  • Large double doors at back for access
  • Easy-access full-height run door.
  • Walk in Design
  • House door and pop hole.
  • Heavy duty fittings throughout.
  • Lift our Perches.
  • Guaranteed for 10 Years (against manufacturers defect)

Supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy home assembly.

Free Delivery is subject to our normal terms and conditions.

Wooden cladding can be added to this item. Please see Added Extras for more information. We also have multiple options for roofs and extensions, see below.

Wooden cladding surround (optional)

We are happy to clad the bottom of any of our deluxe units.

Cladding the bottom of your house will maintain a clean and tidy area.


Chose between standard 19g mesh or the 100% fox proof 16g mesh.

Door Openers

We have 4 options to select from

None - this means your coop will come with the standard wooden pop hole that is manually operated.

Premium pop hole opener and locking door combo, this is a Premium Chicken Guard door opener module which operates on time and light, and also comes with there pop hole which also has a locking mechanism.

Premium Pop hole opener - as above but this is just the door opener module that will work with our wooden pop hole.

Standard pop hole opener - This unit operates on a timer only.

Extension (optional)

This unit can be extended either by the standard extension size or we can make them to a bespoke length to suit your requirements, the extension will include side panels, roof panels and a support. The extension can be fitted either when you first purchase or at a later date very easily, it will make the unit look at one complete coop.

Fox Proof Base

This is a frame that is meshed on one side and the coop is built on to this to prevent animals digging under.

These have a mesh base and are the exact width of your house, your coop will sit flush on top of the base.

The coop is then screwed down onto to the base.

These bases help stop any predators burrowing under the house to get in.

We recommend using a deep litter of bark chips on top of the mesh.


Roofing And Options

The standard 12 mm roof of this chicken coop is a wooden cladding designed to provide many years service. It uses interlocking 12 mm shiplap boards, and provides very high levels of management of red mites, (no where for them to hide easily).

The roof being wood, will come pressure treated, this means the wood can be damp and take some time to fully dry out especially during the winter, wood acts as a sponge, so will move, knots may need resealing during its life as the wood moves around and should form part of your maintenance, we would also recommend treating the wood once or twice a year with a good quality treatment ideally containing water repellents to seal the wood, this will be important to do when new for optimum performance of the roof against rain.

We have been selling this type of roof on our chicken coops for many years, and the design has proved very successful. 

Optional 16 mm Shiplap Roof - As above in terms of qualities and care but is made with thicker 16mm boards, these make the unit stronger and more durable to the weather, this is the best wooden roof available.

Optional Felt Roof - Our felt roof option has a roof made with 12 mm tongue and groove timber, which we then supply felt in a roll that you fit as part of the assembly. This type of roof will provide a easy to look after roof that needs very little maintenance and provides a water proof layer.

Optional Onduline Roof - This roof type is a wooden frame with black Onduline. The frame comes ready to fit to the coop as part of the assembly and the Onduline is cut ready for you to fit as the final stage of assembly, this provides a maintenance free roof that will provide many years of life, 10 years plus is to be expected.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent coup

I bought my Super Sandringham 18 months, second hand. It was like brand new. Easy to set up, took about three hours with the instructions, it’s also fitted with an Omlet automatic door and light. It’s also attached to a further run, bought to give the chicks more room during lockdown. It’s easy to clean, the coup is a height that it is easy to get into, you are not bending or kneeling down. I have painted it twice so far to protect it, again only takes an hour or so. The chicks love it, we have 13 and they fit inside the coup with ease and plenty of room. With hindsight it would have been good to have the extra nesting boxes, but they only tend to use one. In the winter because of where I live I cover the roof with a taupaulin weighted down, insulate the inside, and fill with straw, to provide more warmth. It’s been an excellent purchase, and it’s one of the best out there. If I could improve it, in my situation wheels to be able to move it around would be good. Highly recommended.

Carole Bailey
Solid as a rock

Overall very pleased with the service and quality. It's very strong and not moving anywhere in a hurry! Couple of suggestions, please include the 2 small apex sections in the instructions, we worked it out but they are not mentioned at all. A list of contents and/or an exploded diagram would be good. Took 2 of us oldies 3 hours to assemble taking our time. As another reviewer said the space under the house section is very dark when the whole panel is clad and having to keep on taking the steps on and off to be able to shut the pop hole is a pain. Perhaps consider a step over doorway the same height as low cladding to help stop escapees! And a cabin latch on the nest box? Please add the Isle of Wight to your list of areas for which there is a delivery charge, but you dispatched on Wed and we got it on Friday which is good going! Skilled packing too. Bit miffed to find that today its £500 cheaper than 3 weeks ago when I ordered....

Hello Thank you for taking the time to right a review, and we note your feedback.

With regards to the price there is a deal on this week but its not £500 different to what you paid its £50, but offers do come and go as I am sure you can appreciate.

Christine Brown
Good but could be better

Nice coop and run managed to build it with a friend both 69 year old widows in a few hours. Found the roosting bars too high for my girls but because they had been screwed in place and the roof fixed on I had to climb inside and saw them to get them out. I have made them a more suitable height for my girls by attaching legs, they are now removable which makes keeping them clean easier. The fact the ladders just sit in the entrance to the coop and need moving every time you shut the girls up at night isn't ideal so I am going to sort something out so they can be left in place and easily clipped off for cleaning. Would I buy it again. Yes I would it is nice and spacious and the girls took to it straight away, happy girls happy me.

Thank you for your feedback and we are glad to hear you and your hens are happy.

Our perches are designed for optimum height for the hens and the nest box access, but we can always make them lower if requested, also the perches are fixed in the frame for transport, once you install the perch frame then the screws can be removed at the end of the perches which allow them to be removed for cleaning.

The ladder has two ways of being used, one is as you say you prop it up in the entrance, or you fix it on the underside with the supplied screws, we leave it like this so the customer can choose which they prefer to use.

Up to expections and more

Service was fantastic via email with my silly questions.. very patient.
The quality of the coop and run is fantastic. Just finished putting it. Up and with extra security on base so it held up to the storm with out this .
The girls I have have settled in well leading me to get some more chooks !
Definitely recommend I'm so so happy with it .

Geoff Edwards
Super Sandringham Chicken House

Extremely pleased from delivery to construction. The instruction booklet with photos enabled us to construct house in about 2 hours. Chickens and myself are very pleased with our new home.

Thank you for your feedback, we have worked for many years designing and providing information to make things as easy as possible for our customers.