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UK's largest supplier and manufacturer of chicken coops, dog kennels, and accessories
UK's largest supplier and manufacturer of chicken coops, dog kennels, and accessories

Nestera Raised Chicken House (Large 8 - 15 hens)

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Product description

The Raised Chicken House

Size:   Large - 8 - 15 Hens


Living Space:

House Width 91cm & Depth 80cm 

2 x Nest Box 28 x30cm

2 x Perch 91cm

1 x Ladder

External Dimensions:

House Width 138.5 cm, Depth 134.2 cm & Height 117cm

Made from 100% Recycled Plastic making them environmentally friendly 

Great design 

Droppings Tray (Extra)

These durable droppings trays sit on the coop floor.

  • Makes cleaning quick and easy
  • 2.5mm-thick ABS recycled plastic
  • Strong, lightweight and durable design
  • Easy to handle and slide in and out of the coop
  • Stackable design with sloping sides

The Large chicken coops require one large tray kit which includes 3 x Rectangular Trays

Set of 2 Wheels (Optional Extra)

  • Compatible with all Nestera Raised chicken coops
  • Allows easy movement of your coop by one person
  • Quick-release clips allow addition or removal in seconds
  • Dual slots on coop frame for disengaged resting position
  • Solid, durable design

2m Run for Large Raised Chicken House Only (Optional Extra)

Give your chickens a safe outdoor area with our secure run. This is designed to fit your large raised Nestera coop and provides 2 square metres of space (including the area under the coop). Each run extension increases the available space by 1 square metre. 

Our run grants excellent protection, allowing your chickens to rise early and feed safely. It also provides an enclave while new birds familiarise themselves with the coop and environment. Keepers should ensure their flock have access to an additional area for the majority of the day. This should be of sufficient size to allow your chickens to display normal behaviours, whilst remaining protected from predators.

Add a 3.5ft Run Extension to increase your chickens' outdoor space to 10 feet.

Secure Chickens = Happy Chickens

Manufactured with ‘anti-chew' solid steel weld mesh with a durable PPA coating, our chicken coop runs include a wide mesh skirt around the entire perimeter, making tunnelling nearly impossible. Each run is painted dark green to blend into its surroundings. 

Easy Access for You and Your Flock

Your chickens can come and go as they please with up to three separate openings provided on each run. A large lockable door is built into the steel mesh on the end panel, with hatches to the left and right under the rear of the raised coops which can be securely locked with their solid recycled plastic handle. 


Height: 956mm 
Width: 925mm 
Length: 1150mm 

1m Run Extension (Optional Extra)

Add a 1m Run Extension to your 2m Run. 

Designed to fit securely to your Nestera 2m Run on a Large Raised Coop, the 1m Run Extension gives your chickens additional outdoor space of up to 3m. 


Height: 956mm 
Width: 925mm 
Length: 1150mm 

Chicken Sizes

The small coop chicken sizes:

5 x Giant Fowl Chicken

8 x Hybrid, Medium Size

15 x Bantam/ Silkies

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