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Brinsea Octagon 40 Advance EX

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Product description

Brinsea Octagon 40 EX Advance

With full humidity control

Improved control for valuable and hard-to-incubate eggs

Humidity is a crucial factor in successful hatching and the EX versions of the Octagon 40 Advance allow the user to set the humidity level which the incubator will automatically and accurately maintain.

•48 hen egg (or equivalent) capacity. Adjustable for eggs from quail to goose size without extras
•Easy to clean
•4 whisper quiet fans and computer modelled temperature distribution for optimum hatch rates
•Automatic turning
•Double skinned insulated base for low energy consumption and even temperature
Octagon 40 Advance EX incubators are Octagon 40 Advance incubators with the matching Humidity Pump module to maintain total control of the incubation humidity level and additional foam lined egg dividers to protect fragile or damaged eggs and eliminate effects of jolts.

The standard Octagon 40 Advance provides a readout of incubation humidity but requires the user to alter humidity to achieve the ideal average level. The EX version with the Humidity Pump effectively maintains the humidity level precisely at the level the user sets irrespective of changes in room humidity within practical limits. This overcomes problems that can commonly lead to eggs failing to hatch – especially in the latest stages of incubation. The Humidity Pump includes an external water reservoir eliminating the chances of water in the incubator harbouring bacteria.

The Humidity Pump module is designed to work seamlessly with an Octagon 40 Advance and can be purchased later as an upgrade from Octagon 40 Advance to Octagon 40 Advance EX.

In normal mode the display shows the incubation temperature and humidity to very high levels of accuracy. The simple menu allows the user to change incubation settings.

•Temperature and humidity display (choice of deg.C or deg.F)
•Temperature and power fail alarms with adjustable sensitivity
•NEW cooling option
•Factory calibration
•Automatic control of humidity
Brinsea’s Octagon 20 and 40 incubators have been popular with bird breeders for decades and the latest models provide a combination of performance and value whichever model you choose.

Brinsea have now incorporated a cooling option in all their Advance models of egg incubators for 2012 for proven increases in hatch rates. This feature turns the incubator’s heater and low temperature alarm off for a selected period but keeps the fan running. After the cooling period is complete the incubator reverts to normal temperature and the alarm is automatically reset. Further information on the benefits of cooling in incubation can be found by clicking here...

Cabinet. The high quality incubator cabinets are entirely injection moulded from high grade ABS which makes them
durable and easy to clean. The base is double skinned and foam filled to reduce heat loss meaning lower electricity
consumption and better temperature distribution. The incubator tops are clear allowing good visibility of the eggs
and chicks inside.

Humidity and ventilation. Air is circulated by long life computer fans which, coupled with the unique grilles with optimised air diffusers, means extremely even air temperature throughout the egg chamber. Fresh air is controlled with a vent slider and humidity is provided by water in reservoirs in the base (unless the EX pump is used – Advance models only).

Egg Handling. Egg turning is achieved by rocking the whole cabinet from side to side either by hand (hence the Octagon shape) or with the automatic turning cradle which moves the incubator through 90° approximately once each hour. External egg turning keeps the incubator interior free from motors and mechanisms which makes cleaning easier. Autoturn cradles are supplied as standard with this incubator. To accommodate eggs of different sizes the two removable egg trays are supplied with dividers which the user can position to suit their eggs and maximize the number that can be held. Eggs from as small as finches to as large as geese can be incubated. The Octagon 40s hold up to 48 hens eggs or equivalent.


Incubator only: 65 x 26 x 26cm high, weight 4.20Kg

Incubator plus cradle is 73 x 26 x 30cm high, weight 4.80Kg

Power consumption is max 90W, typ 40W @ 230V 50Hz. Cradle is 4W

Power supply: 110-120v or 220-240v as requested