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Product description

Large Poultry House and Run for 6 to 12 hens.

NOTE - This model is much larger than some available with other retailers which look similar, please check dimensions.


External - 9 feet x 6 feet - 270cm L x 180cm W x 165cm T externally with the nest box and roof overhangs,

Foot print of Base - 8 feet x 4 1/2 feet approx  - 249cm L x 136cm W x 165cm T

It has a raised house for easy waist height access.

Pull out cleaning tray



Nesting areas

Ladder for the hens

Rear Door, Door on run part

Heavy duty mineral felt roof.

Its the Perfect Chicken coop for someone who wants a bit more space, with good height, around 5 1/2ft in the middle most people can either stand up or nearly stand upright inside.

Full detailed dimensions are available on one of the photos.

This unit is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly.

Treatment - Although this product comes treated from the factory we recommend treating again within a month of assembly or if its winter ideally before use, with a good quality preserver ideally a oil / solvent based product like Barrattine, and repeat once or twice a year as necessary, this will protect the wood and help avoid mould spores forming in damp winter weather. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
bruce beal
Difficult assembly but finished article looks great.

Instructions were poor, too small and only just legible (change your printer cartridge!). If parts had been numbered it would have been a lot easier. Overall though a good buy.

Sam C (crazy chicken lady)
Brilliant!!! Mutt proof!

I purchased one of these a few months ago as I had to move the ladies from their old home to my back garden. The instructions are a little bit confusing but we needed to swap panels around anyway so it would fit in the garden. (I read another review who gave me the idea) With a bit of jigging we swapped the nest box side with the plain side so the ladies roost one end of the coop and lay at the other. It was easy enough to do. I have two husky x who have a high prey instinct so having something that stood up to them was important. So far despite one dog having a go at the draw (trying to pull it out) and the nest box (trying to get at them laying) it’s really done well. If a husky can’t get in it, I’m pretty sure a fox won’t.
There is no floor so make sure you put a skirt around it as the dogs also tried to dig under. (Aided by the chickens trying to dig their way out!) but with some slabs around the edge this stopped any digging. I have five large girls (hybrids and black rocks) and they seem happy enough just coming out for a few hours in the evening on the garden and spending their days in the pen. Watch your placement though as it can seem a bit dark in there some days with the sturdy roof. We are probably going to raise it a bit by putting it on sleepers as although I can stand in the middle (I’m 5’5) I do bang my head on the bracing beam a lot!
Over all a really good strong pen. I would recommend to anyone. (And I have)

Ms Kenny
Beautiful Coop

This is the second coop I have bought from this company.Let your chooks live in a little luxury with this set up.

Dawn Veal
Very pleased!!

One or two issues with the delivery and damage by the courier but Lewis could not have been more helpful with getting it all sorted. Now just need some hens 🐔🐣

Jules V
4.5 stars

I bought the CC058 hencoop and it's a really lovely. The only three criticisms I have are, there need to be more perches to avoid squabbles at night-time, the wood where the ramp is attached has already split after 2 days because the hinges screw in too close to the edge of the wood so could be stronger and wider and finally the roof ridge pieces don't meet in the middle so I'll have to fill that in. Also we bought an automatic pop hole which doesn’t fit the regular hole so be aware of that if you buy one you will need to put in a piece of wood to cover the gap at the top. All in all not a bad hen house for the price though I'm not sure how long it will last. The company are really helpful when you ring for advice.