Smite Organic Mite Powder 350g


Product description

Smite Organic Natural Mite Powder is an odourless, natural powder that eliminates red mite from chicken houses.

Safe and naturally-mined mineral product, made up of fossilized remains of diatoms.  Instead of containing pesticides and chemicals, this product kills pests by causing them to dry out and die.  It is safe to use in animal housing, and if ingested by animals or birds can aid digestion.

Smite powder is safe for earthworms and will have no detrimental effect on the natural ecosystem, but it will help the control of ants, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, mites, book lie and silverfish.

Smite can be applied directly to areas with red mite infestation, or it can be mixed with water and sprayed onto the areas.  If can also be applied directly onto small animals, dogs, cats and poultry.

Can be added to hens dust bath so it gets into the feathers