Pophole Timer

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Product description

Accessory for the battery-operated electronic doorkeeper (VSBb), permitting one to three VSBbs to be opened and closed at set times Technical Data of the BS-D: Function: The accurate quartz-controlled and dust-tight BS-D timer is an optional accessory for the battery-operated electronic doorkeeper (VSBb) and is used whenever the electronic doorkeeper and, with it, the sliding gate of the poultry house are to be opened and closed at set times (e.g., opening and closing at set times or opening at a set time and closing at dusk). When the sun in the northern hemisphere sets at around 10:30 p.m. in June (which occurs in December in the southern hemisphere), you may, for example, have the sliding gate closed automatically at around 10 p.m. via the BS-D timer (factory setting). automatic closing is thus possible even before dusk. So when, a few weeks later, the sun sets earlier than 10 p.m., automatic closing will be at dusk again. The BS-D timer is capable of controlling up to three VSBs simultaneously. In the BS-D are two 2AA batteries, which are working approx 6 years. If a battery change is necessary, it will be indicated on time. . Length: 94 mm . Width: 94 mm . Height: 57 mm