Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder 20

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Product description

EgoGlow 20 Chick Brooder

The EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder is ideal for keeping newly hatched poultry, game and waterfowl warm. The low voltage heater panel warms chicks directly and is more economical and safer than infra-red lamps. A typical heat lamp runs at 250 watts compared with 20 watts consumption for the EcoGlow. When you consider that the brooder is on 24/7, this is an important saving.

The EcoGlow 20 has three height settings for different sized chicks and its tough plastic construction makes it durable and easy to clean. Designed to meet the stringent IPX7 electrical safety standard. The EcoGlow 20 runs from a 12v power source for complete peace of mind and uses just 18 Watts of power to keep up to twenty chicks warm. Supplied with a mains power adapter with UK plug type as standard - Euro type available on request.

For indoor use only - room temperature should not drop below 10 degrees at night.

IMPORTANT - The latest EcoGlow brooders from Brinsea now have a modified design which has increased radiant output more than tenfold. All EcoGlows now supplied will be of the new design but if any users have EcoGlows with shiny 'silver' finish on the underside please return them to Brinsea Products Ltd for modification without charge