Automatic Pophole Opener

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Product description

The Electronic Doorkeeper automatically opens and closes vertical sliders on chicken houses. This happens either via the light sensor and / or a timer. In addition, manual control is possible, independent of twilight and time control. In principle, the light sensor is installed in every device. So nothing else is necessary if the device is mounted outside the hen house. If it is to be installed inside the chicken house, a sensor extension is required.

If the door closes and there is an animal under it, the device stops and closes further if the animal is away again.

The device has an overload protection. The reaction is gentle on the cord and repeated attempts are made to open the device as the slide could be frozen, for example.

The housings of all devices are extremely stable. The electronics on the underside of the board in SMD technology are protected against aggressive gases, humidity and dirt  with a special lacquer. The VSD can be mounted outside if it is placed slightly protected and does not open during thunderstorms (lightning).

Manual operation: With this device it is possible to close by hand during the day. For this purpose, a magnet is held at a certain point of the housing. The slide is closed and remains closed for this day. It will open automatically the next morning.

It is also possible to reopen the doorkeeper on the same day. To do this, the magnet is again held against the certain point of the housing. 

LED display: The device shows you via multicolour LED when:
a) the batteries are empty or an exchange should be considered
b) the device must be in closed mode according to the limit switch position
(c) other general faults (e.g. rewound cord)
The LED indicators are emitted for a limited period of time (e.g. closed flap approx. for 2 hours after closing) in order to keep the battery load as low as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda McCallion
Still the best

I have tried different brands of automatic opener and decided to go back to the Vsb. This is the successor to that with improvements. It's still the most reliable and least trouble of all the automatic openers I've tried. Although it has no timer, it also doesn't get line jams. My vsb openers from the same manufacturer lasted for many years so i hope this one will too.