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UK's largest supplier and manufacturer of chicken coops, dog kennels, and accessories
UK's largest supplier and manufacturer of chicken coops, dog kennels, and accessories

Blenheim Poultry House 4 to 12 hens Walk In Design

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Product description

10 Day Express Shipping Option - 

If you need your order urgently we are now offering a service to express manufacture your order and have it built so it leaves us within 10 days, it will then take a couple more days for delivery via a pallet delivery in sections, we can offer the service on a limited basis as this will involve our guys working out of hours. Simply select the option on checkout from above.

The Blenheim is the newest in our range, it is the same dimension house as the Buckingham but with a smaller run. It features: Four internal nest boxes, cladding around base for protection and to keep litter in, large double door at back of house.

  • British Built
  • Solid Heavy Duty Unit
  • Dimensions 6ft wide, 6 ft deep and 6 1/2 ft tall (180cm x 180cm x 198cm)
  • House is 6 ft wide and 3 ft deep (180xm x 90cm)
  • Suitable for approx. 4 to 12 hens
  • Ladder To House
  • Walk in unit

Supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy home assembly.

Free Delivery is subject to our normal terms and conditions.


Choose between standard 19g mesh or the 100% fox proof 16g mesh.

Fox Proof Base

This is a frame that is meshed on one side and the coop is built on to this to prevent animals digging under.

These have a mesh base and are the exact width of your house, your coop will sit flush on top of the base.

The coop is then screwed down onto to the base.

These bases help stop any predators burrowing under the house to get in.

We recommend using a deep litter of bark chips on top of the mesh.

Door Openers

We have 4 options to select from

None - this means your coop will come with the standard wooden pop hole that is manually operated.

Premium pop hole opener and locking door combo, this is a Premium Chicken Guard door opener module which operates on time and light, and also comes with there pop hole which also has a locking mechanism.

Premium Pop hole opener - as above but this is just the door opener module that will work with our wooden pop hole.

Standard pop hole opener - This unit operates on a timer only.

Roofing And Options

The standard 12 mm roof of this chicken coop is a wooden cladding designed to provide many years service. It uses interlocking 12 mm shiplap boards, and provides very high levels of management of red mites, (no where for them to hide easily).

The roof being wood, will come pressure treated, this means the wood can be damp and take some time to fully dry out especially during the winter, wood acts as a sponge, so will move, knots may need resealing during its life as the wood moves around and should form part of your maintenance, we would also recommend treating the wood once or twice a year with a good quality treatment ideally containing water repellents to seal the wood, this will be important to do when new for optimum performance of the roof against rain.

We have been selling this type of roof on our chicken coops for many years, and the design has proved very successful. 

Optional 16 mm Shiplap Roof - As above in terms of qualities and care but is made with thicker 16mm boards, these make the unit stronger and more durable to the weather, this is the best wooden roof available.

Optional Felt Roof - Our felt roof option has a roof made with 12 mm tongue and groove timber, which we then supply felt in a roll that you fit as part of the assembly. This type of roof will provide a easy to look after roof that needs very little maintenance and provides a water proof layer.

Optional Onduline Roof - This roof type is a wooden frame with black Onduline. The frame comes ready to fit to the coop as part of the assembly and the Onduline is cut ready for you to fit as the final stage of assembly, this provides a maintenance free roof that will provide many years of life, 10 years plus is to be expected.